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Extra Virgin Olive Oil


A marvelous blend of oil 80% at least ripped fruits  (depends the year of crop) creates a unique extra virgin olive oil.

The cultivation is in an altitude of 450-600 meters high in region of Pylos-Nestor (Navarino).

As the fruits are harvested from 80% ripening and above, the juice of this olive gives a unique almost-butter feeling body with an aftertaste of almond and pinecone notes. The aromas are earthy and delicate with notes of olives, olive leaves, almond and olive tree wood. The bitterness is delicate to medium with a pleasant sensation of medium-crisp pungency in the end

A good combination:

  • For fatty and strong flavored meat.

  • As a base for high-quality sauces and marinades.

  • For intense cheese.

  • For baked sweets, and olive oil ice-cream.


Cold Extracted


Origin: Kalamata
Variety: Koroneiki

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