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P.D.O. Kalamata

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


A P.D.O. Kalamata extra virgin olive oil, from 100% Koroneiki variety. This is a Protected Designation of Origin evoo from olives that are harvested only in the olive land of Kalamata.

As the fruits are harvested from 50% ripening and above, the juice of this olive gives an intense flavor with rich body. Medium to intense aromas of fresh grass, green leaves, herbs and green artichoke are blended together in a fresh green bouquet, notes of green apple and unripe banana can be distinct as well. Medium bitterness with intense-lasting pungency are the unique characteristics of this evoo. An intense combination of green aromas and flavors.

A good combination:

  • For grilled and fatty fish.

  • For wild greens.

  • For leaf salads with orange.

  • For mild cheese.

Cold Extracted

Origin: Kalamata
Variety: Koroneiki

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