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Beauty Secrets

Beauty products is a multi-billion dollar business and growing. This is a very costly solution for the challenges of keeping skin moisturized, hair healthy, and facial skin free of wrinkles.

But many consumers don’t realize what people in ancient Greece took for granted; that extra virgin olive oil is one of the best beauty products. In addition to being a natural, hypoallergenic way to moisturize skin, extra virgin olive oil has the added advantage of providing strong antioxidants, like Vitamins A and E that help repair and renew skin that has been damaged from overexposure to sun, air pollution, and other modern-day environmental hazards – like cigarette smoke and fast food. These antioxidants have the natural ability to stimulate cells and return skin to a firmer, smoother, and healthier state.

There are a number of simple and inexpensive ways to get the best skin care and beauty benefits out of a single bottle of Threpsi extra virgin olive oil.




Condition your hair – Ancient beauties and warriors alike used olive oil to tame and beautify their locks. Olive oil strengthens hair and makes it more flexible.

Dry Scalps

Prevent dry scalp by using olive oil as a moisturizer

Hair Loss

Prevent hair loss and damage

Grey Hair

Prevent premature greying hair


Kill lice naturally

Black Hair

Enhance the beauty of black hair

Dry Scalps

Prevent dry scalp by using olive oil as a moisturizer


Detangle your hair with ease

Shine & Seal

Shine and seal your hair

Frizzy Hair

Tame frizzy hair




Make an inexpensive exfoliant that works like the most expensive spa products available – Exfoliating removes dead skin and prevents your skin from becoming dull. Mix a palm full of olive oil with a teaspoon of sugar or salt. Apply the mixture to your skin, then massage gently.


The same antioxidant properties that keep your red blood cells from oxidizing when you eat olive oil keep your skin cells from oxidizing when you apply it topically. The antioxidant hydroxytyrosol and vitamin E help to prevent cell degeneration in your skin.

Pores & Pimples

Olive oil penetrates the skin, leaving your skin silky smooth with no greasy feeling. It never clogs your pores or causes pimples. Cleopatra undoubtedly had many costly beauty secrets up her sleeve, but the most important of them can be yours for the price of a small bottle of THREPSI Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Remove make-up easily

Film & Tone

Firm and tone skin


Reduces acne

Lip Balm

Use as lip balm



Natural Massage Oil

Olive oil may very well be the world’s oldest massage oil. It can be used alone or as a carrier oil for essential oils

Minimize cellulite

Mix used coffee grounds with olive oil for a topical cellulite treatment. Apply it directly to the skin.

Stretch Marks

Reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Combine equal parts cocoa butter and olive oil for a stretch-mark minimizer. 

Bath Oil

Use as bath oil – turn it into a spa


Comfortable shave


Condition cuticles


Moisturize your body


Comfortable shave


Shine and seal your hair

Frizzy Hair

Smooth and moisturize rough, dry feet

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