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Special Edition

In the area of ​​Pylos and Koroni, near the Ancient Palace of King Nestor, Dionisis and Dimitra decided with their two daughters Virginia and Kalliopi to show with the cultivation the unique, rich in nutritional taste of the taste of olive oil.

Their collaborators, the 25,000 olive trees (Koroneiki and Mavrolia), reverend, man-made, handsome, beautiful, aged up to 150 years old.

A unique series of products called “ELIA”!

We are the same olive growers, providing all the guarantees for the superior quality of our olive oil. Our deep knowledge of traditional techniques, coming from grandfather to father and finally us,  combined with modern ecological and sustainable practices and continuous quality control have enabled us to create a range of unique products.

In “Threpsi” we are inspired by the power of Greek land, we insist on the principles of organic farming, we respect the balance of nature and at every step of our production we protect it. Every olive grove is unique and its care requires a unique approach. We take care of our olive groves, adapting to their requirements, in order to avoid illnesses, dispensing unnecessary fertilizers or medicines.

We follow an Integrated Management System while remaining true to our core values: sustainability, superior quality, high nutritional value and unique flavor.

We work at all stages of production and as vigilant controllers we can guarantee that each ELIA product is rich in nutritional value, unique in flavor and aroma and absolutely free from any harmful substance.

The characteristics of extra virgin olive oil prove to be miraculous for people’s lives. As long as scientific research confirms this, the more we become passionate and connect our life with this unique tree.

Label, a real master of aesthetics, in one of the best design offices in the world.

ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 22000:2005

Frequent quality tests from the Fresenius Institute and the Greek Chemistry Department.  Dark glass bottles & labels protect the olive oil from light for a longer shelf life.  Highest hygiene standards and advanced production technology.


A unique blend of oil, coming from Organic/Biological harvest in an altitude of 700-900 meters high , from olive fruits of 65% and more ripening. The bouquet of aromas from a blend of exceptional production batches merges together and gives a more balanced evoo with butter like body.


Like the uniqueness of it’s label , you can find this Black /Gold , Black/Red label  only at Dennree Bio Market in Germany.
Special designed by them.


Origin: Kalamata
Variety: Koroneiki

Cold Extracted

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