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Health Benefits

Olive oil is proven to protect your health. Scientists discover more and more substances in the oil of the Mediterranean fruit with impressive effects, such as preventing breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more recently depression and the so-called Metabolic Syndrome, according to the Centre of Health in Germany (Zentrum der Gesundheit).



Olive oil is an excellent addition to almost any dish – raw on salads and vegetables, as a dressing on fish and meat and gives great flavour to pasta, rice and potatoes. As a dressing for your fish and salads we recommend the olive oil with a little lemon juice and oregano.

To maintain the valuable components of extra virgin olive oil, we recommend that it should not be heated above 190 ° C (374 F).


Beauty Secrets

Beauty products is a multi-billion dollar business and growing. This is a very costly solution for the challenges of keeping skin moisturized, hair healthy, and facial skin free of wrinkles.  There are a number of simple and inexpensive ways to get the best skin care and beauty benefits out of a single bottle of Threpsi extra virgin olive oil.


Storage Tips

Store your oil in airtight non-transparent containers. The best storage containers are those that will keep light out and are made of either dark glass or stainless steel. Always avoid any plastic package.

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